Are listing in directories good or bad for SEO?

seo1Google and Bing do NOT like ad filled and spam filled directories. They want local directories with quality businesses or communities listed, thus creating a real website with information that is relevant to that particular niche.

Same is said for a national directory that is specific to an industry. This creates natural links for the business and Google / Bing look very highly on this subject. They both believe that local should be the best search result and a nation dominant niche directory should be the best for that industry as well.

In any event, your SEO will help your website gain visitors and buyers. You cannot go wrong for the price to pay. A good directory like ours is the price of a couple of dinners, but dinners don’t last all year !

Local Communities

In each community there is a need to connect. The goal of the directory website is to complete the connections with ease of use and functionality..


So for your community or niche its essential that you have a real connection. Most of the community websites do not offer that without spam, advertisements or additional ads that take away from the overall experience.

When you visit one of our directories you will see that it is dedicated to the industry, niche or community.