Directory Advantages

The Directory Avenue Advantage

You will have 3 price options available at this time on most of our websites. Depending on what the website category is sets our pricing structure. 

Example: Restaurant sites will need more attention by the client as compared to a plumber directory. Restaurants may post jobs, events,coupons etc., while a plumber directory may just need leads for jobs and their services but want to make sure they are included in local search and to have several ways to find them.

  • Pricing Option 1: FREE ( Yes usually its free). A basic listing includes your business name and address.
  • Pricing Option 2: FEATURED includes contact info, some features such as posting articles, link to your website, leads contact you direct, phone, and you may list in 3-5 different categories that will profile your business.
  • Pricing Option 2: PREMIUM includes contact info, posting articles, link to your website, leads contact you direct, phone, and you may list in 5-10 different categories that will profile your business, videos, social links, events, classifieds, job listings, receive reviews, add coupons, no ads on your listings. All the advantages to promote your business or service that are available.
  • Monthly and Yearly Options available for listings on most websites.

For a fraction of what marketing costs today you could have a premium listing with all the features available for $199 to $399 per year (General Costs) or ONLY $19.00 to $99.00 per month. There is NO better ad budget available that can give you these types of returns. You spend hundreds on print, internet ads and local ads (Direct Mail) each year. This program is the best option for todays market COMBINED with your other advertising avenues, you will cover all your bases for an affordable price.

Advertising Banners:

Ad banners will be available as an additional cost. These ad banners will be available on the right side bars with some exceptions for other areas. 

We now have a FRONT PAGE are that will be a Premium Ad area at the top main slide banner of any of our websites. Pricing will vary according to how many months or rotation you may need.

Featured Business:

This will be available to ONLY 1 Business/Person each Year or Month in a designated category. We will then add you to the featured business section on your specific directory. (Additional Cost)

Additional Advantages To Listing

  • Spam Free Websites – absolutely no spam is allowed
  • Directory Website is dedicated to that industry
  • Not like the large national directories – Spam and Ad filled
  • Focus on Local and Specific Search category depending on the business
  • You can advertise for a fraction of normal costs
  • Different levels to choose from
  • Posting Events
  • Your community interaction increases
  • We will feature a business every month on the directory facebook page
  • We have dedicated Facebook page to each and every website
  • And last but not least: We care about your success!